Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Mixing Console

3rd Edition - Custom Lego® Building Set feat. Producer Section & Upgraded Monitors

Often referred to as the father of the modern recording console, Rupert Neve is a legendary name in the world of music recording. The 5088 is the culmination of Mr. Neve’s vast analog circuitry knowledge, with timeless design & unparalleled sound quality.

433 Original Lego® Elements (60 custom printed)
Finished Size (5088 Console): 224 x 131 x 89mm
Full-colour printed instruction booklet.
Supplied in special printed packaging.
Each individually numbered and signed.

Sold Out!

My third official collaboration with the best in the business. A true honour to work with the team at Rupert Neve Designs once again to create a miniature version of their Analog Masterpiece, the 5088 High Voltage & Discrete Mixer. This year in a modern setting with Upgraded Monitors and the Producer Section!

Worldwide Release: Monday December 18th 2023 at precisely 12pm EST (18:00 CET).

Limited edition of 300 sets, of which I have only 50. If you are based in the US please order from RND directly here. There is a 1 Set per customer limit.

Sennheiser MD 441-U

Officially Licensed Custom Lego® Building Set

I’ve partnered with Sennheiser to craft a near 1:1 replica of the MD 441-U Microphone. This set features intricate internal details and includes a matching table stand. Assemble and own your very own Lego® version of this iconic microphone.

Acknowledged as the most accurate and versatile dynamic mic available, the MD 441-U is ideal for vocals and virtually any instrument.

This is a limited edition of 100 Sets.

0030 – Sennheiser MD 441-U
228 Original Lego® Elements
Finished Size (Microphone): 51 x 278 x 107mm
Difficulty: Advanced
Full-colour printed instruction booklet
Pre-cut sticker sheet
Supplied in special printed packaging
Each individually numbered and signed

L44-7 Stylus & Headshell

My tribute to the greatest all round Stylus ever to grace the precious grooves of your favourite records. This time I have gone up in scale (3:1), that’s about 3x larger than the real deal.

217 Original Lego® elements (+4 Unoffical)
Finished Size(mm): 111 x 187 x 67
Full-Colour Printed building instructions & Stickers
Supplied in special packaging
Individually signed and numbered

L44-7 Lego Stylus Numode Side View

Turntables 1210mkII DJ Setup (Special Edition)

Assemble your own Limited Edition model DJ Setup with genuine LEGO® elements.

2 x LL-1210mkII Turntables (now in Dark Grey), fresh new DJ Mixer with ‘slidable’ faders plus Headphones.
Optional Modified Discs (grooves manually carved on a lathe completing the correct look and feel of real vinyl).

250 Original Lego® elements.
Finished Size(mm): 200 x 85 x 35
Full-colour Printed instruction booklet.
Supplied in a special cardboard box.
Individually numbered and signed.

Standard DJ Layout

Can be setup in standard layout or in battle mode.

Spray Can Robot

Custom LEGO® Building Set

Build your own Spray Can who is just itchin’ to scratch.

63 Original Lego® elements
Finished Size(mm): 84 x 77 x 89
Printed instruction booklet and Stickers
Supplied in special tube packaging

Limited initial release of 50 sets.

LR-808 Drum Composer

Custom Lego® Building Set

Tribute to this classic Drum Machine.

121 Original Lego® elements.
Finished Size(mm): 115 x 64 x 25
Full-colour Printed instructions booklet.
Supplied in a special new tube package.
Individually numbered and signed.

Boombox Mini-Set

Custom Lego® Building Set

Build your very own old school gheto-blaster!

23 Original Lego® elements.
Finished Size(mm): 51 x 14 x 37
Full-colour printed instructions.
All sets individually numbered.

LB-303 Bass Synth

Custom Lego® Building Set

🙂 Acid.

81 Original Lego® elements.
Finished Size(mm): 86 x 52 x 13
Printed instruction booklet.

Supplied in a special cardboard box.
Individually numbered and signed.

LPC-2000xl Sampler

Custom Lego® Building Set

Classic 16bit Rhythm Machine from the 1990’s…

86 Original Lego® elements.
Finished Size(mm): 80 x 53 x 19
Printed instruction booklet.

Supplied in a special cardboard box.
Individually numbered and signed.