Frequently Asked Questions

What are these models?

They are miniatures that represent a handful of the worlds most renowned ‘cult-status’ pieces of analog audio equipment.

How big are they?

Approximate sizes for these models are shown (in mm) in each product listing.

Do the sets contain genuine LEGO® elements?

Yes, the sets come with 100% original new and/or used LEGO® pieces, sourced from around the globe and are naturally compatible with your collection.

What does “new and/or used” mean?
Some of the parts used for these models are not all available directly from LEGO®. That means I have to source the pieces from other places. Some of the hard-to-find parts and pieces that are generally for the internal construction may be supplied in a used condition but have been cleaned and checked to meet my very high standards.

Does it play music?
My custom sets are scale models, not functional Hi-Fi systems. The tone-arm, platter, cross-fader and dials are able to move and be played with. I was interviewed for Electronic Beats Slices, in the video I am seen scratching on the Disco Set while, It is a recording of me actually scratching – it was only synced with the video for effect.

They seem to be more expensive than regular LEGO® sets, why?
LEGO® is a massive company. They employ many, many people in order to develop, produce and deliver such a high quality product from start to finish. Doing it alone requires lots of hard work, time and many skills to provide a product that is anywhere near comparable to what LEGO® does. My custom sets are also limited to very small quantities and have a collectable value beyond their mass produced counterparts.

Where are the sets sent from?
I am based in Berlin and most sets will be sent out from Germany with Deutsche Post. If you are located in the Southern Hemisphere, it is possible that your set will be sent from Australia with Australia Post.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email