An interview with me from 2014 by Electronic Beats, part of their Slices series.


All sets are supplied unassembled in a professionally labeled package with printed building instruction booklet (also available to customers in a digital format). Individual sets are part of a limited edition, each is hand numbered and signed by the designer. All elements included in the sets are genuine LEGO® parts. The ‘records’ with the DJ Setup set are available as ‘modified with grooves’, this has been achieved by carving grooves manually on an old lathe – providing individuality to each set.

I am pleased to provide a positive building experience that utilises some advanced techniques that I hope will inspire and extend your own LEGO® building activities. As a DJ, Lego builder, designer and artist I am proud to share many of my passions (music, Lego and design) in one package with you! Creating sets that you would never likely find elsewhere.

Numode is based in Berlin, Germany and it is possible to pickup orders directly from me in Kreuzberg.


If you are making a ‘Pre-Order’ through the site it confirms your intent to purchase Custom Lego® Building Sets. You will be placed in the waiting list based on the time and date that your order is processed. Availability of sets is not fixed. Your order will only be charged as soon as the set becomes available and is ready for shipping. Through the facilities of Celery, Paypal or Stripe.


Shipping prices are calculated automatically and should there be an error I will refund the difference after the product ships.

Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschlands

Gewicht Preis Versandart Regellaufzeit
bis 2 kg € 4,99 DHL Paket (max. 60 x 30 x 15cm) 3-4 Tage*
bis 5 kg € 5,99 DHL Paket (max. 120 x 60 x 60cm) 3-4 Tage*


Weight Price Type Delivery
0.1 – 0.5kg € 6.20 Großbrief International (with tracking) 3-10 Workdays
0.5 – 1kg € 9.50 Maxibrief International (with tracking) 3-10 Workdays*
1kg – 2kg € 19.50 Maxibrief International (with tracking) 3-10 Workdays*


Frequently Asked Questions

What are these models?
Miniature recreations or scale models that represent a handful of the worlds most renowned ‘cult-status’ pieces of audio equipment usually recognised within the Hip Hop, House and Techno music scenes, respectively.

Do the sets contain genuine LEGO® elements?
Yes, the sets come with new 100% original parts.

Do they play music?
No, These are not functional audio systems, they are scale models. I was interviewed in 2014 by Electronic Beats Slices, in the video I am seen scratching on the DJ Setup model. While it is actually an audio recording of me scratching – it was simply synced with the video for effect.

They seem to be more expensive than regular LEGO® sets, why?
LEGO® is a massive company. They employ many, many people in order to develop and deliver such a high quality product. Doing it alone requires lots of hard work, time and skills to produce a product that is anywhere near comparable with what LEGO® makes.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email


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Returns & Disputes

Given the nature of these products I am unable to offer any exchanges or returns. I will not be held responsible for damage that has occurred during shipment. If there are however, any parts missing from your set please contact me and I will send you a replacement as quickly as I can.

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