All sets are supplied unassembled in a professionally labeled box with printed building instructions. Each individual set is hand numbered and signed by the designer.

Printed building instructions are an important part of the package, however for aesthetic and economical reasons they are printed in black and white. As the models are fairly monochromatic, the instructions have been tested are still easy to follow regardless. Each manual is also available to customers as a digital version in full colour.

All elements included in these custom sets are genuine LEGO® parts. I am however, not officially recognised by the LEGO group. I buy the parts from around the globe, wherever they are made available through the usual channels, that are available to everyone.

I am pleased to provide a positive building experience that utilises some advanced techniques that I hope will inspire and extend your own LEGO® building activities. The sets are close to the real thing as I am capable of although, with a distinct artistic difference. Years of experience as a DJ, Lego builder, designer and artist allows me the opportunity to share many of my passions (Music, Lego and design) in one package with you, the builder ! Creating sets that you would never likely find elsewhere.

Numode is based in Berlin, Germany with a soon to be opened outpost in Australia.


Please note: Sets are extremely limited and take time to prepare, it is only through a pre-order system that I can get an idea of how many sets to produce. With the pre-order buttons you can securely add your payment information and reserve your place in the waiting list. Your bank account will only be charged once the item/s are ready to be shipped.

For customers inside the European Union it is possible to make an IBAN payment (SEPA) directly and save the 4% fee added to all paypal and credit card transactions. Please send me an email here to reserve your place on the pre-order list.

Please be careful to add your shipping address and payment information correctly.

ACHTUNG! Erstickungsgefahr
Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile! Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet.

ATTENTION! Choking hazard
Contains very small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.


Big thank you goes out to James Jessiman and the entire LDraw community for creating and maintaining such an incredible resource for LEGO® fans. To create my building instructions without LDraw, ridiculous!

Mad respect goes out to Dan Jezek and the Bricklink massive, Worldwide. Without his foresight and the shops working around the clock it would be near impossible for me to make this happen.